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Ed Begley Jr.

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12 Angry Men

$11.95 | 96 minutes

(1957) - Star(s)

Sidney Lumet's directorial debut is a snapshot of the American judicial system in action. Twelve average New York males convene in a very small jury room on a very hot day in order to reach a verdict in a murder trial. Almost everyone wants&hellip…

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$21.95 | 84 minutes

(2006) - Himself

Jeff Goldblum stars as Jeff Goldblum in this half real, half fake mockumentary about the clash between Hollywood celebrity life and the small time Pittsburgh theater scene. The production he's chosen? THE MUSIC MAN. The reason? To get his&hellip…

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This Is Spinal Tap

$11.95 | 83 minutes

(1984) - Actor, Star(s)

A brilliant and hilarious documentary-style satire of a has-been British heavy metal band who never really was on an absurd American comeback tour that never quite gets off the ground, THIS IS SPINAL TAP practically birthed the mockumentary&hellip…

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