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Gwyneth Paltrow

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Ashtanga, NY

$17.95 | 30 minutes

(2004) - Actor

A celebrated form of yoga, Ashtanga has gained a loyal following amongst disciples of the discipline. This release is one of the more unusual yoga titles on the market. Originally designed as a concert film to celebrate the style, the staging&hellip…

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Searching for Debra Winger

$10.95 | 99 minutes

(2002) - Actor

Actress Rosanna Arquette directs this insightful documentary in which she interviews dozens of actresses in their thirties and beyond about they pressures they face in an industry which seems to provide fewer and fewer roles for women beyond&hellip…

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The Royal Tenenbaums

$16.95 | 109 minutes

(2001) - Star(s)

In their youth, the Tenenbaums--an eccentric New York family--were extraordinary. They were all geniuses. Royal Tenenbaum (Gene Hackman) was a successful litigator. His wife Etheline (Angelica Huston) raised their children to be ambitious&hellip…

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