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Harlan Bosmajian

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Early Morning (Socially Relevant Film Festival Collection) - ON DEMAND

$2.99 | 20 minutes

(2013) - Director, Director of Photography, Writer

'Early Morning' is the story of Frank, a military medic and father, who unexpectedly meets his son's attractive girlfriend Alea in his Boston home. While there seems to be a shared attraction between them, it turns out they have a connection&hellip…

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Virgil Bliss

$17.95 | 94 minutes

(2002) - Director of Photography

After serving twelve years in prison, an ex convict tries to start a "normal life" while on parole. Virgil Bliss (Clint Jordan) decides to find a good job, get married, and start a family. The only problem is that he's living in a halfway&hellip…

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