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Jeanne Moreau

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Elevator To the Gallows

$34.95 | 92 minutes

(1957) - Star(s)

This psychological thriller is imbued with a wonderful Parisian atmosphere and a moody, improvisational score by legendary jazz trumpeter Miles Davis. A beautiful woman, Florence, and her lover, Julien, plan to murder her husband (who happens&hellip…

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$23.95 | 118 minutes

(1962) - Actor

Joseph Losey (THE SERVANT) directed this forgotten masterpiece about a Welsh writer, Tyvian Jones, living in Venice and reaping the benefits of a successful novel and film career. His glamorous life of Venetian estates, film festivals&hellip…

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Jules et Jim

$34.95 | 105 minutes

(1962) - Star(s)

JULES AND JIM is François Truffaut's intense, beautiful, enigmatic film about the lifelong friendship between two writers – French novelist Jim (Henri Serre) and Austrian children's author Jules (Oskar Werner) – and their&hellip…

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