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Laurence Olivier

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49th Parallel

$34.95 | 123 minutes

(1941) - Actor

A taut, suspenseful World War II drama about Nazi servicemen trying to make their way across Canada to reach neutral American land after their U-boat is sunk in the Gulf of the St. Lawrence. The best of British and Canadian talent were&hellip…

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Olivier's Shakespeare

$68.95 | 448 minutes

(1946) - Actor, Director

Dozens of directors and hundreds of actors have tried to translate the glory of Shakespeare's writing from stage to film, but few, if any, have matched the success of the great Laurence Olivier. Often described, with perhaps a bit of hyperbole&hellip…

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Three Sisters

$23.95 | 162 minutes

(1970) - Actor, Director

This adaptation of Anton Chekhov's THREE SISTERS was part of the American Film Theater series, conceived in the 1970s by producer Ely Landau, and meant to be shown theatrically just like a play, with tickets sold in advance. The play focuses&hellip…

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