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Parker Posey

Parker Posey, named for the '50s model and actress Suzy Parker, was born in Maryland on November 8, 1968 and raised in Mississippi. She attended the theater and drama program of State University of New York at Purchase before landing a role on the CBS soap opera "As The World Turns" in 1991.

Her first major motion picture was in 1993 as the high school bitch Darla in Richard Linklater's 1970's ensemble comedy Dazed and Confused, which also featured some Hollywood up-and-comers such as Matthew McConaughey, Renee Zellwegger, Ben Affleck and Joey Lauren Adams. She continued to do a variety of roles ranging from very small roles in Coneheads, Amateur and the TV mini-series "Tales of the City" to more supporting roles.

In 1995, Parker got her first starring role in Party Girl, which got her more noticed by fans and media. Against her agent's wishes, she continued to do smaller supporting roles as well as starring in independent films. By 1997, she had 20 movies on her resume and three films at the Sundance Film Festival that year. One of those films, The House of Yes, garnered huge praise from critics and garnered the Special Recognition award for Parker's performance.

Even though the media dubbed her the "Queen of the Indies," Parker started working more in mainstream movies, with parts in You've Got Mail and Scream 3 while still going back to smaller films like The Anniversary Party, Best in Show and Personal Velocity.

Parker's acting wasn't solely relegated to the big screen. On the small screen, she had recurring guest roles on "Will & Grace" and "Boston Legal," voice work on "The Simpsons" and "Futurama," and the made-for-TV movies "Frankenstein" and "Hell on Heels: The Battle of Mary Kay," the latter for which she received a Golden Globe nomination. She even made a Pepsi commercial with Jimmy Fallon.

On the stage, Parker has been in a few off-Broadway productions, which started with her debut in Taller Than a Dwarf alongside Matthew Broderick. Parker was nominated for the Lucille Lortel Award for her performance in the Lanford Wilson revival of Fifth of July, and won the award for her role in Hurlyburly two years later.

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Best in Show

$5.95 | 90 minutes

(2000) - Star(s)

Christopher Guest brings his unique brand of lunacy to the screen with another mockumentary in the tradition of WAITING FOR GUFFMAN. This one, BEST IN SHOW, is about purebred dog owners feverishly competing for their pets to be named Best&hellip…

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Broken English

$10.95 | 98 minutes

(2007) - Star(s)

Known mainly for playing quirkily comic characters, Parker Posey shows she can tackle a serious role just as skillfully in Zoe Cassevetes's moving film. BROKEN ENGLISH stars Posey as Nora Wilder, a thirtysomething whose disastrous dating&hellip…

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Dazed and Confused (2-Disc Set)

$34.95 | 102 minutes

(1993) - Actor

DIRECTOR APPROVED DEFINITIVE SPECIAL EDITION DOUBLE-DISC SET. Richard Linklater's DAZED AND CONFUSED takes a hysterical, nostalgic cross-clique look at high school social development. On the last day of school in May 1976, students at&hellip…

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Fay Grim

$10.95 | 118 minutes

(2007) - Actor

The unlikely sequel to Hal Hartley's Henry Fool, finds the title character (played by Parker Posey) as a single mother in Queens. Her life is suddenly turned upside down when her missing husband's bad novel may turn out to be a secret code&hellip…

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Kicking and Screaming

$25.95 | 96 minutes

(1995) - Actor

Paralyzed by postgraduation ennui, a group of college friends remain on campus, patching together a community for themselves in order to deny the real-world futures awaiting them. Academy Award-nominated screenwriter Noah Baumbach's hilarious&hellip…

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