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Luis Buñuel

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El Bruto

$19.95 | 83 minutes

(1952) - Director

A working-class tough is hired to terrorize the tenants of a Mexico City apartment complex by the landlord. He kills one of the tenants and then falls in love with the victim's daughter, only to discover that the vicious landlord is his&hellip…

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L'Age D'Or

$19.95 | 63 minutes

(1930) - Director

Luis Buñuel's second film is a surreal attack on bourgeios ideals that incited a riot when first released and still retains its power to shock. Buñuel began the film as a collaboration with Salvador Dali, but after a few days working&hellip…

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$25.95 | 91 minutes

(1961) - Director

An idealistic novice nun, hoping to practice good works in the world, opens the doors of her ancestral estate to a ragtag collection of the poor, tired, and hungry. But her charity backfires when the recipients of her benevolence don't&hellip…

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