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Vincent Fremont

“When I first saw Brigid Berlin it was in the back room of Max’s Kansas City. Brigid was attempting to take off Candy Darling’s wig. It was all for the delight of a German TV camera crew. It was my first look at someone who will do almost anything for a good tape. Brigid and I have known each other for over 30 years. Twelve of those years have been spent trying to tell her life story that is full of extreme and obsessive behavior.” Vincent Fremont began working for Andy Warhol shortly after arriving in New York in the summer of 1969, eventually serving as Vice-President of Andy Warhol Enterprises. In the 1970s and 1980s, Vincent produced and developed video, television, and film projects with Warhol, including Andy Warhol’s Fifteen Minutes for MTV, FIGHT starring Charles Rydell and Brigid Berlin, and PHONEY. Fremont was the Associate Producer on Merchant Ivory’s 1989 film adaptation of Tama Janowitz’s Slaves of New York. PIE IN THE SKY marks his debut as a documentary film director