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Derek Jacobi

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Adam Resurrected

$11.95 | 106 minutes

(2008) - Star(s)

The trouble with Holocaust movies is that they're about the Holocaust; they resurrect an illustrious horror, habited by history's most reliable demons, with little to say except that, yes, this was a tragedy. ADAM RESURRECTED isn't likely&hellip…

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Love Is The Devil

$17.95 | 88 minutes

(1998) - Actor

An intriguing biographical look at British painter Francis Bacon focusing on his turbulent and tragic relationship with lover George Dyer, a former boxer and small time thief. I, CLAUDIUS veteran Jacobi gives a fiery performance as the&hellip…

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Three Sisters

$23.95 | 162 minutes

(1970) - Actor

This adaptation of Anton Chekhov's THREE SISTERS was part of the American Film Theater series, conceived in the 1970s by producer Ely Landau, and meant to be shown theatrically just like a play, with tickets sold in advance. The play focuses&hellip…

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