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Tilda Swinton

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Broken Flowers

$11.95 | 106 minutes

(2005) - Star(s)

With BROKEN FLOWERS, staunchly independent filmmaker Jim Jarmusch delivers one of his most pleasing, accessible pictures. Winner of the 2005 Grand Prix at the Cannes Film Festival, the film tells the story of Don Johnston (Bill Murray)&hellip…

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Love Is The Devil

$17.95 | 88 minutes

(1998) - Actor

An intriguing biographical look at British painter Francis Bacon focusing on his turbulent and tragic relationship with lover George Dyer, a former boxer and small time thief. I, CLAUDIUS veteran Jacobi gives a fiery performance as the&hellip…

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War Requiem

$23.95 | 92 minutes

(1989) - Actor

Derek Jarman's 1989 'War Requiem' reunites British cinema's enfant terrible with his muse Tilda Swinton (2008 OscarĀ® Winner for Michael Clayton) for a spectacular and moving interpretation of composer Benjamin Britten's groundbreaking&hellip…

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