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Michael Roemer

Born in Berlin, Germany 1928, Michael Roemer graduated Magna Cum Laude from the prestigious Harvard University in 1949. He wrote and directed A TOUCH OF TIMES, the first feature film produced at an American College. Roemer went on to produce twelve films on Hamlet and Oedipus Rex for the Ford Foundation, with the Stratford, Ontario, and Shakespearean Festival Company. He has produced and directed six films for the National Science Foundation and sixty-eight films for the Heath Publishing Company. All of these films have been widely shown on Public Television. Roemer directed and co-wrote NOTHING BUT A MAN, which went on to be a double prize winner at the Venice Film Festival, London, and New York film festivals. He earned an Emmy award nomination for writing and directing a documentary for Public TV called FACES OF ISRAEL. Nine of his screenplays have been published by Scarecrow Press. He produced the originally unreleased film THE PLOT AGAINST HARRY, which was invited to show at Cannes film festival, New York, Toronto, Munich and Bergamo – where it won first prize in 1990. It was subsequently released in theatres throughout the U.S. and Europe.

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Nothing But a Man

$21.95 | 92 minutes

(1964) - Director, Producer, Writer

Abbey Lincoln and Ivan Dixon star in Michael Roemer's lyrical film about a young black couple struggling to live and love with dignity. Alabama, circa 1960. Duff's a brawny, handsome man who's been working as a railroad lineman for longer&hellip…

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