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Robert Redford

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A River Runs Through It

$7.95 | 124 minutes

(1992) - Director

An adaptation of Norman Maclean's much-loved autobiographical novella about fly-fishing and familial relations, A RIVER RUNS THROUGH IT is set in the pristine Montana wilderness of the early 20th century. The story traces the relationship&hellip…

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Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid

$11.95 | 330 minutes

(1969) - Star(s)

This 1969 Western encapsulates the genre, with dramatic chase scenes on horseback through breathtaking landscapes, daring robberies of banks and trains, true comradery between cowboys who would risk their lives for one another, and copious&hellip…

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The Motorcycle Diaries

$10.95 | 127 minutes

(2004) - Producer

In 1952, a young medical student and a biochemist from Argentina set off on a road trip across South America. As they straddled their beaten up motorcycle, the men talked in awed tones of the sights they were about to experience. The record&hellip…

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