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Dana Janklowicz-Mann

Dana was raised in the US and in Israel. After completing her mandatory service in the Israeli army, Dana attended Camera Obscura, a film school in Tel-Aviv, Israel and later transferred to the School of Visual Arts in New York. During her years in film school, Dana directed several short films and produced many others, including the award winning film WARSAW STORY. After graduation Dana moved to Los Angeles with her creative partner Amir Mann. In January 2000, Dana and Amir opened Rebel Child Productions, an independent production company, and have produced two films under this banner: MENACE, a thriller, and SHANGHAI GHETTO, a documentary.

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Shanghai Ghetto

$15.95 | 95 minutes

(2002) - Director, Producer

In the late 1930s thousands of German Jews, fearing for their lives under Nazi rule and unable to secure entrance visas to other countries, found refuge in the Japanese-occupied city of Shanghai. Destitute, hungry, and thrust into a strange&hellip…

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