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Spike Jonze

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Being John Malkovich

$11.95 | 112 minutes

(1999) - Director

Original is far too understated a term to describe this picture, brought to you by the surreal, twisted minds of screenwriter Charlie Kaufman and actor-director Jonze. The story concerns a puppeteer, Craig Schwartz (John Cusack), who discovers&hellip…

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Jackass: The Movie

$7.95 | 88 minutes

(2002) - Cameo, Producer

In what may go down in history as the most irresponsible, outrageous footage ever to be released by a major Hollywood studio, Paramount Pictures presents JACKASS: THE MOVIE. Based on the MTV show of the same name, creators and coproducers&hellip…

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Pavement: Slow Century

$12.95 | minutes

(2002) - Director

It truly has been a slow century for Pavement fans who have been anticipating the release of this home video, ballyhooed as the band's definitive visual record, for years. Thankfully, it lives up to its billing. Containing every video the&hellip…

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