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Todd Haynes

With great foresight, The New York Times stated in a 1991 article about his controversial feature POISON that "Mr. Haynes' accomplishment and future are beyond doubt." Twelve years later he is considered one of the most important contemporary American filmmakers. His Sirkian melodrama FAR FROM HEAVEN was one of the finest films of 2002. Photo by Robin Holland

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Far From Heaven

$11.95 | 108 minutes

(2002) - Director, Screenwriter

The model marriage of Frank (Dennis Quaid) and Cathy Whitaker (Julianne Moore) in 1950s Hartford is depicted in television ads, and a magazine features photographs of Cathy as a model homemaker and citizen. Yet, behind the curtains of&hellip…

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I'm Not There

$11.95 | 135 minutes

(2007) - Director, Screenwriter

Todd Haynes (VELVET GOLDMINE, FAR FROM HEAVEN) delivers this dazzling, experimental take on the life of popular music's most revered and enigmatic artist: Bob Dylan. In keeping with the impossible-to-pin-down nature of Dylan himself, Haynes&hellip…

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