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Joe Don Baker

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Cool Hand Luke

$15.95 | 127 minutes

(1967) - Star(s)

In this classic Southern prison drama, social misfit Lucas "Luke" Jackson (Paul Newman) is incarcerated for a petty crime and sentenced to a chain gang. Luke is a sullen and laconic young man whose cool defiance of the sadistic warden and&hellip…

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Mars Attacks!

$5.95 | 0 minutes

(1996) - Star(s)

Tim Burton's MARS ATTACKS! is an all-star, high-tech (and subversive) spoof of those science-fiction films of the 1950s, such as THE DAY THE EARTH STOOD STILL and THE WAR OF THE WORLDS&hellip…

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The Underneath

$5.95 | 100 minutes

(1994) - Actor

With this cerebral remake of the 1949 film noir gem CRISS CROSS, director Steven Soderbergh has renounced melodrama and suspense to instead create an art film with the emotional weight of Greek tragedy. The film weaves three time frames&hellip…

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