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Keith Maitland

Maitland’s interest in human perception, coupled with a desire to connect with teens on a quest for independence, led him to devote four years to creating The Eyes of Me.

After college at the University of Texas, Keith Maitland was chosen to participate in the Director's Guild of America Trainee Program in NYC. Upon completion of the 2-year program, Maitland became one of the youngest members of the DGA, working alongside directors including Woody Allen, Janusz Kaminski, and Joel Schumacher and on NBC's Law & Order. While working as an assistant director, Maitland had the unique opportunity to learn the skills of production with unfettered access to the creative processes of narrative filmmaking. Working as an AD was challenging, but the job didn’t offer Maitland the opportunity to express himself or to get his hands dirty, shooting or editing.

In 2001, Keith Maitland created IllegalFilms, taking the lessons he learned in the narrative world and applying them to his own independent documentaries. Maitland’s first short film, The Grown-Up, won an Audience Award at the 2003 Santa Monica Film Festival. The Eyes of Me is Maitland’s first feature length film.

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The Eyes Of Me

$19.95 | 72 minutes

(2009) - Cinematographer, Director, Editor, Producer

The Eyes of Me presents an extraordinary look at four blind teenagers. The parallel stories of two freshmen and two seniors unfold over the course of one dynamic year at the Texas School for the Blind in Austin. Distilled from over 250&hellip…

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