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Stephanie Soechtig

Stephanie Soechtig began her career ten years ago producing documentaries for 20/20, Primetime Live, produced for Good Morning America covering the 2000 presidential elections and worked with ABC's long-form unit to produce "Planet Earth" hosted by Leonardo DiCaprio. She then brought her documentary skills to Fox where she produced network specials for Bill O'Reilly before moving on to produce his daily show. Stephanie graduated cum laude with a degree in Journalism where she also minored in Cinema Studies. Stephanie joined forces with Michael and Michelle Walrath in 2008 to start Atlas Films.

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$14.95 | 76 minutes

(2009) - Director, Narrator

Documentarian Stephanie Soetchtig makes a stunning debut with this inquisitive and whip-smart address to the questions posited and yielded -- directly and indirectly -- by the big business of bottled water. Is clean drinking water an inalienable&hellip…

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