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Elisha Cook

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Rosemary's Baby

$5.95 | 134 minutes

(1968) - Star(s)

Roman Polanski's stylish occult thriller ROSEMARY'S BABY is possibly the director's most famous film and was a big box-office success at the time of its 1968 release. This was Polanski's first American feature film, following his frightening&hellip…

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The Big Sleep

$15.95 | 114 minutes

(1946) - Star(s)

Private investigator Philip Marlowe is thrust into a world of drugs, sex, blackmail, and murder when he agrees to protect a rich man's reckless, uncontrollable daughter&hellip…

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The Maltese Falcon

$23.95 | 252 minutes

(1941) - Star(s)

Hard-drinking private eye Sam Spade (Humphrey Bogart) sleuths the backyard of San Francisco in search of an elusive black bird statuette while evading the setups of three disparate miscreants: the duplicitous Brigid, the perfumed Mr. Cairo&hellip…

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