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Bob Balaban

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Best in Show

$5.95 | 90 minutes

(2000) - Star(s)

Christopher Guest brings his unique brand of lunacy to the screen with another mockumentary in the tradition of WAITING FOR GUFFMAN. This one, BEST IN SHOW, is about purebred dog owners feverishly competing for their pets to be named Best&hellip…

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$14.95 | 84 minutes

(2010) - Star(s)

THE LIFE AND TIMES OF HARVEY MILK filmmakers Rob Epstein and Jeffrey Friedman make an ambitious leap to narrative film with this hybrid of live-action drama and animation. HOWL divides its focus between the real-life obscenity trial of&hellip…

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Lady in the Water

$8.95 | 109 minutes

(2006) - Star(s)

M. Night Shyamalan (THE SIXTH SENSE, THE VILLAGE) continues his mission to revive the ancient art of storytelling--which he has diagnosed as a dying art--melding aspects of the fantastic with the mundane, and bringing to life a mythology&hellip…

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