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Peter Friedman

“As important as Tom was to me, I didn’t undertake the sad and difficult task of completing SILVERLAKE LIFE as a personal tribute. I did it because I believe in what Tom was trying to do – to make people understand the magnitude of the suffering and loss that people with AIDS and their loved ones face, and also to show the depth of love and commitment that can exist in a gay relationship.” Peter Friedman studied film at Hampshire College, where he was a student and protégé of Tom Joslin. They maintained a close friendship long after Friedman graduated and established himself as a documentary filmmaker in New York City. Friedman received an Academy Award nomination for directing THE WIZARD OF THE STRING, a documentary portrait of vaudeville era musician Roy Smeck, and an Emmy nomination for editing Flamingo Odyssey for National Geographic. In 1990, he produced and directed I TALK TO ANIMALS, a portrait of an animal therapist, which was broadcast in 10 different countries. In 1993, Friedman completed SILVERLAKE LIFE: THE VIEW FROM HERE for his mentor Joslin, who passed away during the course of filming. SILVERLAKE LIFE was called “the most honest depiction of AIDS on screen” and won the Grand Jury Prize at the Sundance Film Festival. Friedman currently resides in Paris and New York City.

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Death by Design

$21.95 | minutes

(1995) - Director, Writer

Winner of 10 international festival awards, DEATH BY DESIGN is a look into the invisible world of cells, told through a collage of metaphors. Images from everyday life are combined with microcinematography to illustrate how the building&hellip…

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The Savages

$11.95 | 113 minutes

(2007) - Star(s)

Director Tamara Jenkins made audiences sit for nearly a decade for her follow-up to the hilarious dark comedy SLUMS OF BEVERLY HILLS, but it's been worth the wait. Like her previous film, THE SAVAGES is a sometimes-funny, sometimes-sad&hellip…

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