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Pierce Rafferty

Pierce Rafferty co-founded his own archive, Petrified Films, Inc. in 1985, after discovering the joys of film and photo archives while doing research for THE ATOMIC CAFE. In conjunction with Prelinger Associates, both companies became known world wide as a source for unique and often quirky archival stock footage and photos. Petrified’s collection grew over the next decade to include the Warner Brothers Stock Footage Library (pre-1951) and the Columbia Pictures Stock Footage Library (pre-1965). Rafferty sold the motion picture division of the archives in 1994 to The Image Bank, Inc. Rafferty currently resides in Brooklyn, NY and continues to work on history-based projects of his own design.

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Heavy Petting: Special Edition

$23.95 | 97 minutes

(1989) - Screenplay

HEAVY PETTING is an entertaining and salacious exploration of the sexual mores of the 50s through the eyes of a generation that lived through the Sexual Revolution. Famous baby boomers--including musician David Byrne, performance artist&hellip…

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The Atomic Cafe

$19.95 | 88 minutes

(1982) - Director

A hilarious, harrowing collection of government propaganda films intended to "educate" the public about nuclear war. Among the featured shorts are Burt the Turtle showing school children how to "duck and cover," a happy family going about&hellip…

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