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Ewan McGregor

This charismatic, stage-trained Scotsman first came to prominence in two movies directed by Danny Boyle: the 1994 comic thriller Shallow Grave and the 1996 heroin-addiction epic Trainspotting. McGregor was captivating in both as two very flawed yet undeniably charming characters. In 1997 he did an Emmy-nominated turn on ER as a desperate (but charming) robber. Yet the versatile actor didn't truly become a star until he won the role of a young Obi-Wan Kenobi in the much-ballyhooed second Star Wars trilogy. Although the films kept him busy between 1999 and 2005, the versatile actor still found time to appear in a number of more offbeat projects. He starred as legendary Irish author James Joyce in Nora (which he also produced), spun seductive Southern tales in Big Fish, and sang and danced in the musical Moulin Rouge. That vocal experience came in handy when he signed on to star in the 2005 revival of Guys and Dolls in London's West End. With dreamy blue eyes and a cleft chin, McGregor is certainly a heartthrob, yet he eschews the typical Hollywood party lifestyle and leads a private life with his wife (production designer Eve Mavrakis) and children.

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Big Fish

$11.95 | 125 minutes

(2003) - Star(s)

In Tim Burton's family film BIG FISH, a gifted storyteller named Edward Bloom (Albert Finney), who lives in a small town in Alabama, recounts tall tales of his wild worldly adventures. These are shown in flashback with Ewan McGregor playing&hellip…

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$15.95 | 103 minutes

(2004) - Actor

The world of Motorcycle Grand Prix racing attracts thrill-seeking competitors who feel the need for speed, competition, and the glorious feeling of victory. This Slamdance Film Festival-favorite takes a look at the sport, and was written&hellip…

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The Doctor, The Tornado & The Kentucky Kid

$23.95 | 104 minutes

(2006) - Narrator

In 2005 the eyes of motorcycle fans across the globe were fixed firmly on California as one of the biggest races in MotoGP history blazed into action. Actor Ewan McGregor--a huge fan of the sport--narrates this documentary on the event&hellip&hellip…

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