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Doug Pray

Doug Pray is best known as the director and editor of SCRATCH, about hip-hop DJs (2001), and HYPE! about the explosion of the Seattle music scene (1996). Both films enjoyed major critical success and worldwide distribution. He’s currently directing BIG RIG about truck drivers, SURFWISE a biography of 82-year-old surfer Dr. Dorian Paskowitz, and he has made a variety of short films and spots for Dr. Martens, Adidas, the Sundance Channel, The Gill Foundation, and others.

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$16.95 | 93 minutes

(2008) - Director

One need not be a surfing fanatic to find something interesting in SURFWISE, Doug Pray's thought-provoking documentary about the legendary and unconventional Paskowitz family. The first family in surfing became famous for its large size&hellip…

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