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Brad Dourif

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Blue Velvet

$11.95 | 120 minutes

(1986) - Actor, Star(s)

A deeply shocking and insidiously funny film, David Lynch's offbeat vision uncovers the nasty underside of small-town America. When a young man finds a human ear in a field, he embarks on an investigation into the dark world of a dangerous&hellip…

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Death Machine

$7.95 | 99 minutes

(1995) - Actor

It's 2003 and Hayden Cale becomes the Chief Executive at Chaank -- the world's leading weapons manufacturer. But having uncovered a unethical research project, Cale embarks on a venture to clean house. And the first to go is Dante, the&hellip…

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Wise Blood

$34.95 | 105 minutes

(1979) - Star(s)

From the "The Maltese Falcon" to the "The Dead," filmmaker John Huston created provocative adaptations of stories and novels -- and "Wise Blood" is considered to be among his most daring. An unusual blend of absurd comedy and Gothic drama&hellip…

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