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Jennifer Venditti

First time director Jennifer Venditti changed the face of casting direction when she started JV8INC in 1998, with the intent to "expand the boundaries of beauty through diversity in casting." Her "street scouting" all over the globe led her to discover an extremely diverse line-up of talent. During the casting of the short film BUG CRUSH (a winner at 2006 Sundance) Venditti found Billy Price, who inspired her so much she decided to make a feature documentary about his unique and intrepid spirit.

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Billy The Kid

$15.00 | 90 minutes

(2007) - Director

15-year-old Billy is the unique subject of BILLY THE KID, an intimate verite portrait by Jennifer Venditti. Venditti stumbled upon Billy while casting Carter Smith's BUGCRUSH. Intrigued by his eccentric wisdom and intuitive, pop-infused&hellip…

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