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Bill Pullman

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Dear Wendy

$16.95 | 100 minutes

(2005) - Star(s)

Dogme '95 cofounders Thomas Vinterberg (CELEBRATION) and Lars Von Trier (DANCER IN THE DARK, DOGVILLE) team up in DEAR WENDY, an unusual but entertaining drama set in an unnamed American small town. Jamie Bell, the award-winning actor who&hellip…

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Lost Highway

$16.95 | 135 minutes

(1997) - Star(s)

Oddball auteur David Lynch takes viewers on another surreal journey in this highly enigmatic neo-noir. The story concerns a jazz musician (Bill Pullman) who is tormented by his cheating wife (Patricia Arquette), haunted by a spectral demon&hellip…

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The Killer Inside Me

$17.95 | 109 minutes

(2010) - Star(s)

The second feature-length adaptation of author Jim Thompson's acclaimed 1952 crime novel, Michael Winterbottom's unflinching, psychosexual post-noir stars Casey Affleck as Deputy Sheriff Lou Ford, a stoic small-town lawman leading a secret&hellip…

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