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Films in Real Time

"Time flies like an arrow, fruit flies like a banana."
– Groucho Marx

On film, time is elastic. You can speed it up, slow it down, skip ahead, go backward, see what's going on in another part of town, even watch how the same series of events from different perspectives. In the early years of film, nonlinearity was a technique employed primarily by the Avant-Garde (think Dali's Un Chien Andalou) and filmmakers who wanted to push the limits of the medium, like Sergei Eisenstein. They sought to dislocate the narrative and make it deliberately challenging for audiences to follow a story that did not go directly from A to B.

The films in this collection are bound by the fact that they all are films that depict events in real time. Though techniques may differ – Rope was filmed with just eight cuts, Timecode was filmed in one continuous take from four different perspectives, and others jump from scene to scene while time flows on – each story unfolds within the running time of the film.

In a world where frenetic jumps forward and backward have become standard fare for film, sticking to events as they happen can be an even bigger challenge for filmmakers; and as a viewer, it can be a welcome change of pace to see the prosaic pace of life played out on the big screen.

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Run Lola Run

$11.95 | 81 minutes

Set against the gritty urban scenescape of Berlin and a pounding techno soundtrack, RUN LOLA RUN is a frenetic, inventive existential thriller that explores the life-altering impact of seemingly inconsequential actions. Beautiful, hip, and young, poor Lola has but 20 minutes to locate a missing bag containing 100,000 Deutsche marks or…

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Phone Booth

$7.95 | 81 minutes

Joel Schumacher (8 MM, FALLING DOWN) directs this suspense drama set in New York City's Times Square. A wannabe hotshot entertainment publicist who's more intent on posturing for his unpaid assistant than he is in actually working, Stu Shepherd (Colin Farrell) ducks into a phone booth to make his regular afternoon call to his girlfriend…

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12 Angry Men

$11.95 | 96 minutes

Sidney Lumet's directorial debut is a snapshot of the American judicial system in action. Twelve average New York males convene in a very small jury room on a very hot day in order to reach a verdict in a murder trial. Almost everyone wants to vote guilty and get on with their lives except for Juror No. 8 (Henry Fonda), a conscientious…

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