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Extreme Winter Adventure Films

Winter is officially here! The three-inch coating of ice on the sidewalk is a clear sign that it's time to head for the slopes. And to get you stoked for the season, we've picked out some winter adventure films from our catalog. Here you'll find some awesome snowboarding films such as The Community Project which features the Olympic phenom, Shaun White, and the 4-Disc Box set Warren Miller's The Power of Snow, not to mention the all-girl shredding action of Hardly Angles.

For the intrepid explorer, don't miss the multi-award-winning doc The Endurance about Ernest Shackelton's harrowing journey to Antarctica, and if you missed the original broadcast, we now have the full first season of The Discovery Channel's series Everest: Beyond the Limit about a series of teams that attempted to
summit the highest peak in the world in 2006.

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Everest - Beyond the Limit

$15.95 | 300 minutes

Become part of the action in this gripping documentary that highlights the struggles, triumphs, highs and…

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The Hole Story

$19.95 | 83 minutes

Remastered and stunningly redesigned, Alex Karpovsky's cult indie, which FILMMAKER MAGAZINE called "one of…