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Derek Jarman Collection

Arguably Britain's most visionary filmmaker since Michael Powell, Derek Jarman reinvented himself as often as Picasso.

This collection of Jarman films is a peek into the man and his subersive and experimental cinema.

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Equally at home making slyly subversive costume dramas or dreamy experimental cine-poems, Jarman was a bracing antidote to the Masterpiece Theaterization of British cinema, and, as the world's leading gay filmmaker of his day, was an inspiration to a generation.

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About this Collection: Apart from featuring Jarman's bold, experimental, visually stunning and sometimes outlandish films, the collection also feature a documentary on Derek Jarman directed by Issac Julein -- 'Derek'.

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War Requiem

$23.95 | 92 minutes

Derek Jarman's 1989 'War Requiem' reunites British cinema's enfant terrible with his muse Tilda Swinton (2008…

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The Tempest

$23.95 | 95 minutes

Despite being radically unconventional, late auteur Derek Jarman's 1979 film has been hailed as one of the…