All My Friends Are Funeral Singers and Live Califone Performances! (SCREENING)

All My Friends Are Funeral Singers and Live Califone Performances!
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runtime: 84 minutes

rating: Not Rated


A celebration of the best in independent and world cinema, MVFF brings together a community of filmmakers and film lovers to Mill Valley, San Rafael and beyond to experience amazing new films in the beautiful environment of San Franciscos Bay Area. With its reputation as a filmmakers festival, this prestigious noncompetitive event showcases international features, documentaries, shorts and children's films - something for every filmgoer.


Zel (Angela Bettis) has a problem. This psychic with a heart of gold lives in a big farmhouse overrun by ghosts! Her rather surreal life is seasoned with séances and spirits who range from a lovelorn priest and suicidal bride to a band of experimental folk musicians and a sullen child with a knack for picking winning racehorses. That's good news for a down-on-his-luck client looking for betting tips evidently living in limbo has its perks. But the spirits are restless and Zel must find a way to let go of her spectral roommates. In his directorial debut, Tim Rutili delivers a charming, quirky, dark comedy, a wholly original film that is, well, quite spirited. Bettis gives a magnificently textured performance as the den mother to this pack of likeable ghosts. The folksy chamber-jazz ensemble, Califone, provides the strange and beautiful accompaniment to this funny, poignant film. Featuring a live musical score by Califone!