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Filmmaker Miguel Llans Interviews Professor Seifu Yohannes

ADDIS ABABA Although his name matches that of the great singer of the 60's, Professor Seifu… — more →

Spotlight on Nollywood, pt.1: Hakeem Effects, Special FX whiz

This is the first of a two part story highlighting an active member of Nigeria's film community. With local crews working on enterprisingly… — more →

How to Shoot an Indie Film in Japan

This week we're highlighting filmmaker Austin Everett, writer-director… — more →

WHITE SHADOW - Out today on DVD + VOD & STREAMING + iTunes

A cinematic fever dream, mixing stylistic elements of experimental and documentary film, WHITE SHADOW first appeared on our radar early last year. Through the uncompromising, bravura… — more →

2015 Year in Review

Diversity is a hot topic in film at the moment. As lovers of world cinema, we at Indiepix have deep respect for filmmakers… — more →

Spike Jonze

Jonze developed forged his reputation first in music videos (Sabotaged (Beastie Boys), 100% (Sonic Youth), Praise You… — more →

Soviet Films

From the October Revolution to Perestroika, cinema in the Soviet Union played a crucial role in defining (and re-defining)… — more →

D.A. Pennebaker Collection

One of the pioneers of the modern documentary, Pennebaker (along with fellow docu-luminaries, Albert and David Maysles… — more →

Albert Maysles Collection

One of the fathers of Direct Cinema, Albert Maysles, working alongside his brother, David, is one of the icons of documentary… — more →