Ted Hope on Independence

Ted Hope asks: When did "independent" become a negative word?Ted Hope writes: "I hereby declare my independence"Ted Hope proposes: "a… — more →


Terms and Conditions May Apply is a new documentary film by Cullen Hoback and released to theaters in the last couple of weeks by Variance Films. The film has won recognition… — more →

Why We Included "Lives of Others"

The Lives Of Others is a film about uncontrolled spying by a government on its citizens with the… — more →

IFP Announces 2013 IFL Documentaries

The Independent Filmmaker Project (IFP) announced today the ten documentaries selected for the 2013 Independent Filmmaker Labs, IFPs annual year-long fellowship for first-time… — more →

Spike Jonze

Jonze developed forged his reputation first in music videos (Sabotaged (Beastie Boys), 100% (Sonic Youth), Praise You… — more →

Soviet Films

From the October Revolution to Perestroika, cinema in the Soviet Union played a crucial role in defining (and re-defining)… — more →

D.A. Pennebaker Collection

One of the pioneers of the modern documentary, Pennebaker (along with fellow docu-luminaries, Albert and David Maysles… — more →

Albert Maysles Collection

One of the fathers of Direct Cinema, Albert Maysles, working alongside his brother, David, is one of the icons of documentary… — more →

Latino Films

Since 1999, the NY International Latino Film Festival has been shining the spotlight on rising talents within the Latino… — more →